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Our Foreign Films and Global Sisters Program


Into The Future: Our New Filmmakers & Music Video Program


Panels and Guest Speakers Empowering Women In Film


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U.S. & Foreign Film Selections: Global Sisters In Film: India -Iceland-Japan-Argentina-Taiwan-Brazil

About Us



Our institute is a non-profit feminist organization. The institute and festival founders are filmmakers, feminists and graduates of The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and American University, Washington, D.C.. The Institute serves women in film, TV, music and media, internationally. The Hollywood Women's Film Festival is a program of the Hollywood Women's Film Institute.

Our mission is to empower women filmmakers in all aspects of Motion Pictures and Television. Our hope is to provide a forum for women from all countries to come to Los Angeles and show their films. Our goal toward change is to engage both men and women in raising awareness through working together and participating in panel discussions and workshops to balance the power scales and end gender and racial inequity. Our panels and workshops are focused on filmmaking, directing, writing, producing, composing, costume design, artistic support, financing, distribution, activism in the arts, and ending the systemic culture of sexism and abuse in our industry.  Our programs are designed to help empower women, creating a strong foundation for future filmmakers while helping to create opportunities for women filmmakers today. 


Our Festival

Our Festival Celebrates Women in Film, Television and Media. We honor the  game changers and we honor diversity. The intersectionality of our society must be represented in film.

The festival will run five days every year starting March 2019. Our panels and workshops are designed to facilitate changes in our industry and empower women. The screenings will allow filmmakers to share their vision and introduce their work to audiences. Our celebrity guest speakers will join some of the panels and the pre-festival party and after party will offer a place to meet fellow artists and lovers of cinema. The venues will be in West Hollywood, Hollywood, Westwood and Malibu.


Our Awards

Global Women Filmmakers Forum

Jury Prizes and Awards For Filmmakers 

Lifetime Achievement Award

Dorothy Arzner LGBTQ Impact Award

Humanitarian Award

Activism Award